Current Projects

We strongly believe that education is the key to success. Whereas success to us means, being able to live a self-determined and happy life. With the projects we support as Tabasamu e.V. we are trying to contribute.

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Future needs education

Become a sponsor and give a child the opportunity for a more self-determined life. With 100 Euro per month, we can send a child to a good private school. With 50 Euro per month, we can ensure school attendance at a public school and can even provide health care and give out food parcels, once in a while. It is also possible to share a sponsorship and smaller donations are used to fill some gaps and cover some emergency measures. We know all the children personally and visit them regularly.

Nivishe Nisome
“Help me to get dressed, so I can learn”

In Tanzania there are more than 18.000 primary schools. 95% of them are government schools, that do not charge school fees.
However, a school uniform is compulsory and many of the families especially in rural areas cannot afford it. With only 20 Euro we can equip a child with a school uniform and enable the way to a more self-determined life.

Nivishe Nisome


Within the last years there have luckily been some political decisions and laws, that have improved women’s rights in Tanzania. The role of a woman in this country is still very conservative and patriarchal and women are still disadvantaged. This has especially an impact regarding the access of education for girls and young women. Together with local NGO’s we are trying to improve the path into a self-determined life with the help of education and healthcare programs.
In recent years, we have supported the development of the NGO WEEDO. With the rent for the education center and the website fees for this year our support ends, WEEDO will stand on its own feet from now on and Tabasamu will jumpstart new projects.

Light and water

Running water and electricity is still a rarity in many Masai areas of Tanzania. However, both are enormously important to avoid diseases and dangerous situations. Most Masai buy their water in buckets at remote water points. Nevertheless, the water is not clean and not sufficient, which in turn causes diseases such as typhoid. With a well, people could provide themselves with enough clean drinking water.

Having power at home can save lives, when living in a Masai village! The sun is gone by 7 pm in Tanzania. Poisonous snakes can sneak into the village and get the chickens, or lions try to snatch cows under the cover of darkness. A few solar lamps can quickly remedy this situation.

Wasser und Solar

Support a local artist!

We market local art and provide artists a chance to show themselves beyond the borders of Tanzania. This includes selling their handmade colourful products or musical instruments to earn their living.

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